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maj 2021 may

kirlian camera - cold pills
the 8th president
rue oberkampf - christophe-philippe
karin my - silence amygdala
winter tree

kwiecień 2021 april

cirque d'ess - black synthetic and dense
hole frog
loren nerell - the gong prophet
qual - tenebris in lux
vr slaves
marva von theo - afterglow
embrace this madness
autumn tears - the glow of desperation
the glow of desperation

marzec 2021 march

implant - cognitive dissonance
phantom pain
lmx - ctrl+s
album-snippet 1
album-snippet 2
album-snippet 3
uncodified - wrecks of tomorrow
all my faith lost - untitled
album teaser
kill shelter & antipole - a haunted place
raise the skies
sonic area - ki

luty 2021 fabruary

kurs - muter
two worlds after
reconverb - airport oxygen bar
vanishing paintings
cevin key - resonance
anger is an acid
solar fake - enjoy dystopia
it's who you are
tenderlash - hold still
rome - parlez-vous hate ?
parlez-vous hate ?
o paradis -liquido
album teaser

styczeń 2021 january

front line assembly - mechanical soul
die form - mental camera
breath of life - sparks around us
she wore a crown
fix8:sed8 - the inevitable relapse
official trailer
imperative reaction - mirror
split clip
chrome corpse - helmet mounted display
in the shadows of dropships
kammarheit -thronal
album preview
beckahesten - vattenhalens drapare
morthem vlade art - afternoons
mrs.richard d.
de brassers - alternative news
o brother
winterstille - puin van dromen
drink nog een glas
dagmar gertot - os lacrimale
promo video

grudzień 2020 december

dive - where to we go from here ?
black star
transmission - cosmos
de stijl
abu nein - secular psalms
global citizen - aliens i your attic
give me hell

listopad 2020 november

position parallele - melodies en sous-sols
dans ma tete
new haunts - fight/flight
new earth orbit - outerworld
delphine coma - tortuosa
secondary eyes

październik 2020 october

selofan - partners in hell
auf deiner haut
lebanon hanover - sci-fi sky
digital ocean
ataraxia - quasar
album teaser
serena gabriel- inanna's dream
forrest fang - the book of wanderers
darkwood - twilight garden
fall shock - inferior
wall of try

wrzesień 2020 september

assemblage 23 - mourn
eric wollo / michael stearns - convergence
the nomad's journey
ulver- flowers of evil

sierpień 2020 august

rome- the lone furrow
kali yuga uber alles
proyecto mirage- reptilians are watching us
meat injectio - system anomaly
black out sentiment
enib - cut
no way out
ad:key - resonanz
lamia vox - alles ist ufer. ewig ruft das meer
sieben - 2020 vision
death tape updated to 2020
armageddon dildos - dystopia
llyn y cwn – dinoric

lipiec 2020 july

clan of xymox - spider on the wall
eden - east of the star
desiderii marginis - departed
amorphous - moth metaphor
sam rosenthal / jarguna - sunwashed evening fire

czerwiec 2020 june

portion control - head buried
head buried
avarice in audio - from the rib of adam
trojan horse
iamtheshadow - pitchblack
mayflower madame - prepared for a nightmare

maj 2020 may

colossloth - plague alone
little cups of grace
fm einheit/andreas ammer - hammerschlag
order 08
she hates emotions - melancholics maniac
see the light
mestre - beyond the lines
education of broken dreams
cultivated bimbo - prequel
death loves veronica- lucid dreams
i came here for you

kwiecień 2020 april

absurd minds - sapta
corde oblique - the moon is a dry bone
le grandi anime
chainreactor - interlinked

marzec 2020 march

celluloide - futur anterieur
la cite des aveugles
stalingrad valkyrie - martyrium europae
pouppee fabrikk - armen
only control
then comes silence - machine
we lose the night
rotersand - how do you feel today ?
you know nothing
finkseye - ecocide
regard extreme - tempus fugit

luty 2020 february

sopor aeternus - island of the dead
autumn tears - the air below the water
double echo - burning in blue
automatic doors
tiramist - phoenix

styczeń 2020 january

esplendor geometrico - cinetica
preemptive strike 0.1 - progeny of the technovore
progeny of the technovore
3+dad - 3+dead
ghost generator
s y z y g y x - fading bodies
ultra doll

grudzień 2019 december

liebknecht - produkt
album teaser
forrest fang - ancient macjines
wind atlas -lingua ignota
stupor mentis - ad extirpanda
album teaser

listopad 2019 november

box and the twins - zerfall
the first dream
die krupps - vision 2020 vision
fuck you
elm - extreme unspoken tension
death of the north
first aid 4 souls - keep this world empty
mortal birth
clavicvla - sepurchral blessing
album teaser

październik 2019 october

derniere volonte - frontier
bedless bones - sublime malaise
limbs entwined
global citizen - inappriopriate adult
cygnosic - epiphany
run level zero - swaerm
telescopes - stone tape
interdictor- vault of inception
pitch black
enzo kreft - control

wrzesień 2019 september

peter bjargo - structures and downfall
promo video
ordo rosarius equilibrio - let's play
franck vigroux - totem
album teaser
ford proco - fragmentos de ocio en el hocico del cerdo...
kmfdm - paradise

sierpień 2019 august

death loves veronica - three acts
the horrors
empirion - resume
velvet acid christ - era oblivionis
iris - six
third strike
numb - mortal geometry
wingtips - exposure therapy
deaf pursuit
grendel - ascending the abyss
moonlight meadow - moonlight meadow
moonlight meadow

lipiec 2019 july

hocico - artificial extinction
she past away - disko anksiyete
disko anksiyete
eggvn - solve et coagula
anantakara - momentum lapses
cervello elettronico - top ded str
trobar de morte - witchcraft
la era de las brujas

czerwiec 2019 june

devil and the universe - :endgame 69:
fix8: sed 8 - warning sign
parasite paradise
la scaltra - the third eye
the sentinel's lot
combichrist - one fire
hate like me
der blaue reiter - united yet divided
the hungarian revolution
cryo - the fall of man
cubanate - colossus
missing persons
je t'aime - je t'aime
the sound
a spell inside - masterplan
torul - hikikomori
ritual veil - wolf in the night
favorite toy
an hedonia - an hedonia