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luty 2018 february

darkness of demand - post stone age technology
city of the dreamers
raison d'etre - alchymeia
official teaser
starcontrol - fragments
first love is dead
o paradis- tierra embrujada

styczeń 2018 january

daniel b.prothese - chzwaar+zme+aal
kirlian camera - hologram moon
haunted river
project pitchfork - akkretion
rome - hall of thatch
mirland/larsen - disturbia
fragmenty albumu
tc 75 - tension
uncodified - comunidad

grudzień 2017 december

palais ideal - no signal
c-lekktor - out of my way
out of my way
miazma - miazma

listopad 2017 november

lisa gerrard & cye wood - the trail of genghis khan
the starving steppe
chainreactor - decayed values
implant - oxynoxe-x
the phone call
frozen autumn - the fellow traveller

październik 2017 october

grendel - age of disposable body
mentallo and the fixer - arrange the molecule
sin.sin - nobody's heroine
encephalon - we only love you when you're dead
never bleed
raison d'etre & troum - xibipiio.in and out of ecperience
factice factory - lines and parallels

wrzesień 2017 september

11 grams - panacea
machine malfuncyion
secret sight - shared loneliness
stage lights
daemonia nymphe - macbeth
a dagger of the mind
soror dolorosa - apollo
the end
nine seconds- agent provocateur

sierpień 2017 august

la scaltra - freakshow
klutae - black piranha
the wire and the cuffs
your life on hold - burning for the ancient connection
dead man recovering - panic in slow motion
proleturan - empathy
all lies come true

lipiec 2017 july

suicide commando - forest of the impaled
winter severity index - katabasis
the gift
echo west - pagan city goth

czerwiec 2017 june

ianva - canone europeo
cummandar as shaitan
die form - baroque equinox
bithday massacre - under your spell
falling you - shine

maj 2017 may

siberia- turning back tides
nowy projekt dwóch członków vendemmian.
schonwald - night idyll
love collides
breath of life - under the falling stars
nothing but noise - exisctence oscillation present
3 teeth - shutdown.exe
noisuf-x - banzai

kwiecień 2017 april

dive - underneath
selofan - cine romance
bleib modern - antagonism

marzec 2017 march

clan of xymox - days of black
album player
modern english - take me to the trees
we are temprary - crossing over
give me more
this morn' omina - kundalini rising
kifoth - extensive report
tc75 - tracks

luty 2017 february

amorphous - shapeshifting
official teaser
absurd minds - tempus fugit
gin devo - electrotheque
force dimension - machinesex
position parallele - en gardea vue

styczeń 2017 january

psychic force - welcome to scarcity
no secrets allowed
kant kino - kopfkino
preview 1
preview 2

grudzień 2016 december

der blutharsch - sucht and ordnung
sucht and ordnung
deleyman - the love, the stars and the citadel
secret treasures
atomine elektrine - the second moon
l'an2000 - illusions
hapax - cave
uncodified / wertham - vindicta III
king of the mountain

listopad 2016 november

in strict confidence - the hardest heart
everything must change
somebody's elses dream
covenant - the blinding dark
praca nad albumem - część 1
praca nad albumem - część 2
praca nad albumem - część 2
inkubus sukkubus - wikka woman
wikka woman
protectorate - protectorate
album promo
supersimmetria - materia
gitane demone quartet - past the sun
tytułowy utwór z płyty
orphx - pitch black mirror
we the north - dayblind
album preview
box and the twins - everywhere i go is silence
pale blue dot
doctors - unterwelt

październik 2016 october

project pitchfork - look up, i'm down there
album preview
ah cama-sotz - exorcixe - murder themes III
cervello electronico - logical fears
album preview
panic lift - skeleton key
fragmenty płyty
pure ground - giftgarten
godlesstate - godlesstate
catalhoyuk and beyond

wrzesień 2016 september

mission - another fall from grace
tyranny of secrets
snakeskin - tunes for my santimea
projekt tilo wolff'a z lacrimosa
próbka płyty
christine plays vila - spooky obsessions
sampler albumu
dear deer - oh my...
beborn beton - she cried
the black hit of space
arian 1 - integration
come back
forestate - space echoes
audio preview
beauty of gemina- minor sun
official trailer
controlled bleeding - larva lumps and baby bumps
pitch yearn of matter - it's new, sounds old and i love it
official trailer
diorama - zero soldier army
zsa video
assemblage 23 - endure
pig - the gospel
the diamond sinners
hypnopazuzu - create christ, sailer boy
magog at the maypole
hight shout, bird tongue

sierpień 2016 august

back tape for a blue gril - these fleeting moments
i'm limitless
she's gone
one promised love
lucifer's aid - new to reality
deep inside

lipiec 2016 july

birthday massacre - imagica
corde oblique - i maestri del colore
suono su tela
anti-terror - .humanterror.com
album trailer

czerwiec 2016 june

winter severity index- human taxonomy
5 am
waiting room
combichrist - this is where death begins
marsheaux -ath.lon
extinction front - running with scissors
album trailer
növö - the shortwaves
fragmenty płyty
spark! - maskiner

maj 2016 may

de/vision - 13
album teaser
sutclife jugend - offal
amnistia - dawn
fragmenty albumu
terrolokaust - dissensions
sophia - unclean

kwiecień 2016 april

ordo rosarius equilibrio - vision : libertine - the hangman's triad
die krupps - stahlwerk requiem
albireon - l'inverno e l'aquilone
l'inverno e l'aquilone
decoded feedback - dark passneger
wumpscut - wuterich
unser kleiner weltkrieg
mlada fronta - outrun
mercury's antennae - beneath the serene
próbka albumu

marzec 2016 march

bleib modern - vale of tears
i don't like you
blackened soul
ash code - posthuman
nite rite
derniere volonte - prie pour moi